Saturday, June 11, 2016


In the past three years I have started and abandoned two blogs on Sales Leadership. However this time I want the effort to hold true and for me to continue sharing my thoughts, ideas, and challenges around selling and leading sales teams. I think of myself as a Cover Band Sales Leader, because none of my suggestions are my "insights", but are instead the valuable insight of others. I have nothing new to say that has not already been said by many before me, I am adding my two-cents in a way that helps me better understand and use these terrific insights from others.

I believe it is relatively "simple" to be a successful sales person and a successful sales leader. I believe that most people have the attitude and aptitude necessary for a sales role. Anyone who has enabled a child to graduate from High School can be successful at sales. The same type of angst, pain, agony, follow-up, example setting, and repetition that was put use getting your daughter, son, niece, nephew, cousin, whoever through the drama, reverse courses, push-back, and challenges to your authority that make up the thirteen plus years of educating a child are about a normal week in a sales role.

My intention is to pontificate on others ideas, add some of my own insights, and occasionally disagree with something put forth as an absolute. Thank you for indulging me it, is an honor to have your attention, I promise not to squander your time.


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