Sunday, January 1, 2017


Over the holidays I began the list of things I want to accomplish in 2017. I also spent time thinking about "how" to use the tools and hacks that are available so I can FINISH what I propose to achieve. I am frequently motivated for brief periods of time by the inspirational words or others, only to get sidetracked by life and the shiny pebbles that capture my attention. This "Season" the shiny pebble is Artificial Intelligence (AI). I sit on 1/1/17 with inspiration for the new year, projects underway that I "feel compelled" to complete and new interests all pulling for my most FINITE of resource besides money, time!

I have considered putting my interests into two piles, diversions and accomplishments. Diversions being the things that create space and time for recharge and replenishment and Accomplishments being the results left behind that help define my impact on the world. Here's what I have so far.

Diversions                                      Accomplishments
Exercise                                         Create an AI
Model Trains                                  Continue to grow my business
Writing                                           Write the book (subject omitted for privacy)

All of my Diversions are the things I like to do and put up on my wall to look at, i.e. pictures, trains, pictures from my hikes, and so forth. All of my Accomplishments are the Sticky and Professional objectives I have for myself. For example, I want to continue to grow and expand my business, all the while hoping to write the killer "What I learned" book that will earn me enough to no longer need to grow my business so I can focus full time on my Diversions!

On top of all these interests and desires is, dogs, cat, kids, weather, marriage, friends, and so forth. Clearly tempo and pace are necessary, as is a plan for time management accompanied by  prioritization. I want to stop watching TV, streaming, and binging on junk.

Maybe the best resolution for 2017 is to only watch live TV events such as the news, debates (oh, right, not for another four years), and sports. This is why I committed to myself that I would write 1,000 words a day or for one hour....good ideas come from thinking an writing. I don't need to give up television (very impractical given the Super Bowl is a few weeks away), but I can give up certain channels and services (sorry Netflix, Hulu, Xfinity, and Amazon).  Ok - just thought of an exception - the treadmill - maybe Netflix only on the treadmill.

To create an AI I have to learn Python, to grow my business I need to review, monitor, teach, and review, to write the book I have to start (pages and pages of notes and idea exist, but I have to begin writing).

Structure to the day and evening is required - I hope the weather, dogs, cat, and the marriage will be accommodating.

good luck in 2017!

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