Monday, January 2, 2017

Consistency to improve, reduce, add, trust, and so on.....

Consistency in the support bridge for Habit. It's equally arguable that you cannot have one without the other, but if you ask yourself with you rather be "consistent" or have a "habit" I'm guessing we'd rather be the former, than have the latter.

There are many ways to describe the slow, methodical approach to having more, less, better, and so forth. My favorite quote to illustrate the point is this, "How do you eat an elephant?"...... Easy, one bite at a time.

There are just as many ways to describe the process for consistent improvement; Incrementalism, 1% daily, good to great, and so on. We all know this is the true way to learning and improvement, just think back to your Elementary School education. The basic math and reading we all began with lead us to being strong readers, authors, accountants, coders, CPA's, and so forth. At that stage in our lives our minds were not ready for the big words, we were just getting a grasp of letters and spelling. We knew words because we used them, but what we didn't know was how use those words. We could count on our fingers, but we didn't know our 3's, 4's, 6's, or 9's.

It was necessary to get an strong handle on the basics before branching out into the more complex, the same is true with consistency that will lead to improvement, reduction, addition, more, or whatever may be your goals.

This year I want to write an AI for my own use - not because I have a Jarvis fetish, but because I like to understand how things work, always have. If I am interested in something I have a native desire to understand how it performs, why it does what it does. So for me, because I feel that AI's and self driving vehicles will be the norm for all of us in the next 5 years I want to understand the benefits of turning my persona over to Amazon or Google...think about this...if you're interacting daily with an AI that is controlled by a Super Corporation aren't you just filling in the holes for them?

My AI won't run in the cloud, I am going to run it locally on my own server...but I am way off track here, back to getting a strong handle on the basics. I cannot create my AI until I learn Python, a programming language. I know PL's, I have a BS in Computer Science that required me to learn COBOL, Pascal, Fortran, and Unix. I wrote programs in Basic for our family Radio Shack back in the 1980's...all of this means I am brilliantly ill equipped for today's Object Oriented PL world. However, what I do have is the core understanding of how PL's use Logic statements for making decisions. All of this means I have slowly and methodically learn Python via the Web and YouTube.

Even this entry is an incremental, 1%, good to great activity. Writing 1,000 words a day or for one hour is another of my personal goals for 2017. The incremental benefits for myself are the objective, being a more consistent writer with better use of words and phrasing. These post are part of that effort, they help me with critical thinking and provide a consistent practice in not ending sentences with a preposition.

I won't finish my goal in a day, my writing goals per se, because they have bigger picture implications for me...I have these great notes on an idea for a book. So here I sit on Jan 2 of '17 with TWO great plans for the year that are personal in nature and those which are professional in nature - and BOTH of them will require consistent use, improvement, expansion, new ideas, retrenching, and dedication. Being a successful Sales Professional requires all of these HABITS as well. So as I write this, the word "habit" is the logical choice for describing the activities (building blocks) that lead to being consistent.

If your habit is to go to the gym 5 days per week and work hard every time, using different muscle groups, elevating your heart rate, and resting when needed, you are going to see improvement in your attitude, diet, sleep, endurance, mental acuity, and brilliant ideas. But if you go to the gym 5 days per week and don't require more of yourself than the last workout (recovery days excluded) then it's much less likely you will see improvement.

Know your habits, understand how they impact your performance, find ways to bring habits into your life that enable you to sustain the consistency you need to achieve your goals. Remember they (habits and goals) and engrained and achieved in small incremental, 1%, good to great steps.

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