Wednesday, February 8, 2017

An email to my Team....

Ok - 

Sunday night sucked!  I didn’t expect Atlanta to win the Super Bowl…with the lead they had at one point I thought they might, but I never let go of the idea in the back of my head that NE was just too prepared for the game. They had too much experience as an organization to not be an immovable force.  So for three quarters I drank and yelled (in a Bar)…and for a long time I was thrilled to be in the moment of “maybe” winning.

And that Sucked!  I don’t like the feeling of MAYBE winning. I like the feeling of knowing you can win…that’s the feeling I never had for Atlanta. Until you achieve something, the conjecture that you “might” is just that…conjecture, possibility, perhaps, and so forth. New England never quit, not that ATL did (and I am not accusing them of quitting at all) - to me it is a case of NE finally played like the professionals they are – while Atlanta may have played to not lose. Again, IDK, sports metaphors are mostly CRAP anyway.  How many of you want to “take one for the team”?  That’s what I thought.

I do like knowing that we can win (stupid business decisions by the customer and cronyism aside) I like feeling that we can win, so I don’t want you/us chasing opportunity that you can MAYBE win. 

I’m going to keep pushing you to CHANGE how you look at Opportunity  - getting you to FOCUS on the OBJECTIVE your customer or opportunity is attempting to achieve. This is for both your existing clients and your new opportunities. Q&A’s can be asked that help you FULLY understand the business goals of a project. This division IS NOT solely anything other than the UC arm of a very capable System Integrator. We’re not Avaya, or Unity, or NEC, or Mitel, or whatever….Our Sales Process is one that identifies Problems, Issues, and the Business Objective that will address them. We know who the key players are and WHY they care (or don’t) about the Objective. You have to know your VALUE to an Opportunity.  When we directly apply our VALUE to a customer’s Business Objective then I know we can win…not that we MIGHT win.

Next Year’s SB is in Minnesota…Go Falcons!

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